DSI Training Services

At DSI we strive to provide our students with the world’s best debarment and suspension-related training when they need it, and in a format that suits their needs and preference.

To accomplish this, we assembled a staff of top-notch professionals who, during their government careers, were leaders in the field of federal debarment and suspension, ethics, compliance, contracts and assistance, and other disciplines.  Our goal is to teach our students the ins and outs of the debarment and suspension system and how those sanctions operate in the business, industrial, professional, personal, government, nonprofit, legal and regulatory environments.

Our instructors will demystify the debarment and suspension process and help clarify the purpose and proper application of the rules in this mine-filled maze of government-wide and agency-specific regulations, policies, statutes, court rulings and unwritten customs and practices.

Many of our courses of instruction include real world examples, and instructional material delivered in a business or trade- specific context to enable the student to apply fundamental concepts in a familiar setting.  Our live and interactive training sessions incorporate opportunities for individual and class discussion of critical topics designed to deepen student understanding of the issues involved and enrich the educational experience.

We also recognize that learning styles, preferences, and  time and budget constraints often play a role in the decision about whether, how, and when to address your learning needs. DSI is committed to providing our training in several formats.  We offer many courses in a standard or custom-fit live format, or on-line and on-demand convenient format to suit your business needs.

If you or your company is interested in our trainings, or you would like to consider having DSI provide a dedicated or customized program of instruction at your facility, please contact us today.  We will work with you to deliver a course of instruction that will fit your needs in a format of your choosing.

In the world of suspension and debarment, Knowledge is power and what you don’t know can hurt.  Contact us today and take the first step in putting yourself ahead of the learning curve. 

When the stakes are high - call DSI!