DSI Monitoring & Evaluation Services


DSI provides independent monitoring, review and evaluation services that may be required under the terms of a debarment or suspension administrative agreement; a deferred or non-prosecution agreement, or other criminal, civil, or administrative disposition by settlement, consent or similar arrangement.

We also provide general ethics and compliance evaluation services to test and evaluate the effectiveness of your compliance and integrity programs, DSI’s experienced staff of former debarring officials and debarment counsel will bring proven knowledge, skills and abilities to your particular situation.

Our monitoring and evaluation reports will be prepared in a professional, fair, and effective manner; cognizant of the parameters and limitations of our authority; aware of the size, resources and capacity of the entity under review; and sensitive to the environment in which our evaluation is being conducted.

Our observations, findings and recommendations will help you successfully implement practices and procedures that will reduce or minimize risk while building an organizational culture of integrity and compliance.

These services can benefit you whether you are a small or large business or a non-profit organization.