DSI Consulting Services



Apart from its training, evaluation and monitoring services, DSI offers opportunities for consultation.  It is important to note that while DSI is staffed with many attorneys, DSI does not act as the legal representative of any individual or entity in a suspension or debarment proceeding before a government agency.  This is necessary so that we can perform our services in an independent, impartial and objective manner, thereby ensuring that we maintain a high degree of credibility with the private and public sectors in every service we provide. 

Whether you or your company are under an investigation, review or audit; are involved in a legal proceeding; have received or anticipate receiving a suspension or debarment notice; or simply want to better understand the consequences of suspension or debarment on you or your business, DSI can provide you and/or your legal representative with knowledge and critical insight about the rules, regulations, legal requirements, policies, practices and unwritten conventions necessary to navigate the complex, confusing and often murky waters of the federal debarment and suspension system.

DSI’s personnel wrote the rules, formulated the policies, and designed, managed and operated federal government debarment programs.  Much of the information we can provide cannot be obtained from conventional research or from another source. Consultation with DSI can mean the difference between retaining and losing your eligibility to receive or participate in a wide range of contracts, subcontracts, assistance, loans, benefits and other opportunities available through government programs or even from private sources. 

Let us provide you with the benefit of our experience.  Remember, when the stakes are high and time is critical, DSI is the premiere consulting service in the federal suspension and debarment arena.