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The DSI Advantage

The DSI team of professionals helped develop and implement the rules, policies, and unwritten practices that govern and guide the Federal Government’s debarment and suspension decision-making process. The insight and advice DSI provides comes from years of inside operational experience with the interplay between debarment and suspension, company ethics, compliance, oversight, contracts and assistance management not otherwise available through conventional research or by other means.

How can DSI do this?

DSI can provide you with an objective source of important and reliable information and services to meet your training, planning, evaluation, oversight and related needs. Its staff and service providers are experienced professionals with a reputation for honesty, integrity, fairness and effectiveness by the private and public sectors.

Let DSI help you.

Regardless of your line of business, whether large or small, public or private, a trade association or non-profit, a legal representative or government official, DSI can service your debarment and suspension training, monitoring, evaluation and consulting needs.

When the stakes are high, Call DSI! 


Serving the needs of Business, Industry, Government, Nonprofits, Individuals, Professional & Trade Associations, and the Legal Community